Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Albert Einstein pon kadang2 jiwang !!!

Today I wake up and smell a fresh air by the window...feels like the world are welcoming my awakening ^_^

ahhh why I am so artistic-like person nowaday?? I keep writing and writing rather than calculating something..weird...its not my nature....I suppose to be math-science guy!!! haha maybe this is some sort of my point of view's changes....

yeah...I still remember during my school time..I was a SBPI (sekolah berasrama penuh integrasi) student...I was popular by my ability to score in add math..no matter how hard it is..its not my problem to solve add math even some of my friends were getting insane...even I'm not good at others subject, my pointer will 'not-so-bad' because of add math (you know addmath had 4x multiplier)...yeah, and I was among 10 add math mentor in my school..selected by our teacher and teaching other student (macam bagus XD)

but in my universiti level education..as I taking chemical engineering course, my interest had been changed to chemistry....and this course actually contain more physic rather than chemistry...and by taking this course, I had to be a 'memorizing-guy'...by hook or by crook... 

what I want to highlight here...being an artistic-guy is not bad!!! you can maximize your creative side..balancing the left and right brains....yeah and people who managed to use both their brains later will be a great guy!!! I believe in it!!!  good luck for me in future!!! ^_^

p/s : dunnno why feels so happy now =.=

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