Tuesday, April 5, 2011

itulah pentingnye amek english education ~~

This is the first version of my english entry..woaaa (^_^) !!!! who knows? five years ago I was an english LOSER because got a fu**ing worst result in my SPM....7D...wat a bulsit..its like the result want me to say "yeah ~ I am super stu-pid in english".....wat ever lah....maybe during that time the examiner have 'sengugut' or wat so ever...my conclusion is = GRAMMAR sucks!

All the bloggers had been writing about the current issues to promote their blogs.....even the topics doesnt come from their heart...not really their interest...they do race each other to post a new entry just to ensure the peoples view their blogs....wat the fish....hahaha get real la people! just be yourself...write what you like...about the real you! not to reach the highest blog traffics! some time they did post something dat not related to him/her even a pieces....haihhhh =.=

what I want to share with you is this song...old song...but this song remind me to my school
time...because we (me n frend) do like this song and keep singing together...haha wat a
memories....hmm but also to people who had been dumped by their ex-boy/girlfiend...hear this song....do realise dat your life did not end yet even you had been dumped!

 Pretty Ugly - Nanti

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