Thursday, March 29, 2012

Regarding to LYNAS

I just wondering.

People talking about Lynas, nuclear radiation, harmfulness, disaster, birth defect, hazard, dangerous, toxic waste release,etc etc.

Is they really taking chemical engineering courses?studying about safety, environment, hazard analysis, risk assessment and anything related to the that 'nuclear' issues?

If the answer is NOT, why they talk like they are the expertize of those 'nuclear' issues ? by referring to what are the BLOGGER says.? Even the real expertize from Malaysia and worldwide has confirmed the standard of control is the latest technology exist in world?

Think about it.

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Rocker Hearted Girl said...

Ok.. memang.. kita belajar.. kita tahu.. orang tak belajar memang tak tahu kan...

kindly to read my entry..


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